Gateway Entries in Hunter Valley

Looking to improve the appearance of your property? Wanting to implement a practical means and visually appealing entrance to your home.  Having a great entrance into your property, not only sets off the fence but it also sets the tone for your greatest asset; your home or office.

Here are SMH Valley fencing we’ve supplied, installed and custom made many gateway entries in the Hunter Valley. Some of these  entry ways included  Arbours, 3 rail entry ways and v-entryway.

What’s an Arbour?

An Arbour is usually defined as a brief walkway or entry way connecting you to another part of a property. For example from the street to your formal front lawn, the entrance from your back yard to a vegetable garden.  The structure of an arbour is usually made of wood in a square or an arched shape structure, which some choose to have intertwined for roses or climbing plants. They not only give depth and texture to the yard, but they look spectacular all year round – tailored to suit your specifications, an arbour is a magnificent way of welcoming guests from one location to another .

What’s a 3 Rail Entryway?

As the name suggests the 3-Rail Entryway, consists of three rails  laid in a horizontal manor one rail at the top, middle and bottom rail, with vertical posts either side.  This simplistic yet elegant entryway style allows for easy access to the property or driveway without  needing to open or close gates.

What’s a V – Entryway?

The V Entryway is the formation of the entryway gates with a V like structure. Each gate is constructed from three vertical rails, 3 horizontal posts and 2 diagonal rails. Not only does this provide extra support for your gateway panel as a whole, the V structure stands out from the traditional fencing and clearly identifies the entry point for the property.

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